Feb 1, 2016

Linx 4.0.987 released

Release notes

  • Add FIX components.
  • Bug: PdfConcat to close all resources used.
  • Bug: Barcode reader not reading Adobe Lifecycle barcodes.
  • WebServiceHelper includes xsds referenced through Import elements during WSDL import.
  • XmlParser support ref= attributes in xsd.
  • Add OMGEO components.
  • Bug: SFTP connection re-use logic compared wrong fields.
  • Change REST output from Value to Values.
  • Updated Validation dll. Added DateTime2 validator to support .Net datetime formats.
  • Add duplicate field validation to SplitString.
  • WebServiceData closes web stream for schema before recursively loading other referenced schemas.
  • Only open windows on screens that are attached.
  • WebServiceData add MessagePartsToSign property.
  • WebService components import XmlSchemaIncludes in addition to XmlSchemaImports.
  • WebServiceCall refine MTOM functionality.
  • Run button on SqlEditor now use commandtimeout.

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