Apr 13, 2017

Linx 5.10.637.9045 released

This release includes lots of smaller enhancements and fixes. Updates to the following plugins were also released: AWS, Database, File, GraphicsMagick, Json, Utilities and Web.

Release notes

  • Remove person icon on LinxServer.
  • Improve accuracy of analytics logging.
  • Update to .NET Core 1.1.
  • Update NuGet packages.
  • Create CustomTypes from JSON Schema.
  • Fix generated dll name clashes with installed dll.
  • Show content structure of List in Output window.
  • Fix LinxServer service start error message overlays service name.
  • Fix postback error for large error messages.
  • Speed up metrics retrieval.
  • Set max metrics database size.
  • Fix loss of metrics in queue when host is closed.
  • Fix instance of List does not refresh when underlying CustomType is changed.
  • Encrypt passwords in LinxDesigner.config.
  • Show LinxServer logs in descending order.
  • Fix wrapping of long Setting values in LinxServer.
  • Allow loading of multiple versions of strong-named dll.
  • Update Linx icons.
  • Allow assignment to IEnumerable<> properties.
  • Fix double click required to add Service from toolbar.
  • Remove "Are you sure" popups in Linx Designer.
  • Fix IfElse editor does not recognize True or False values.
  • Improve Intellisense stability.
  • Fix proxy error when clicking 'Start using Linx'.
  • Display underlying type icon for Nullable<> types.
  • Fix installing plugin fails when moving to another window.

Linx 4.0.1030 released

Release notes

  • CallWebService: Encoding XML in string parameter now allows CDATA as parameter values.
  • Fix CallWebService reading wsdl from local file.
  • Support untrusted https url in WebServiceDataCall.
  • Update FTP libraries.
  • Fix MTOM CallWebService does not submit file binary data.
  • Fix BarcodeReader divide by zero error.
  • Update FileRead encoding description.
  • Change LinxServer ssl cipher to more secure one.
  • Add Swift 2016 schemas.
  • Fix LoopTable loses properties if linked to DatabaseRead.

Jan 23, 2017

Linx 5 license update

New License Verification
As of Tuesday, 24 January 2017, we are changing the way we issue user licenses for Linx 5. All new users will now be required to verify their email address in order to continue to use Linx.
Why are we doing this? As Linx is still in Beta, it is critical that we understand our users, provide the right levels of security around access and keep you informed around important announcements. We will not share your email address with anyone.

Important information: - The update only applies to Linx 5. - The update will require no further action for users who already have a valid license. - Users who currently do not have a license will be required to verify their email address to continue using Linx.
To verify your email address and get your license: 1. Download the latest version of Linx 5 here. You will be sent an email to verify your email address. 2. Once you have verified your email address, you can open Linx Designer. The new start screen will prompt you for your email address in order to continue.

3. Enter your verified email address to start using Linx. Once completed, you will see your license information displayed in the top right hand corner.

4. Should your email address not be verified, follow the link on the sign in page to re-register to continue to use Linx.

Need further help?
Feel free to contact support@linx.software should you need any further assistance.