May 26, 2015

Warning: Linx 4 XmlParser might bite


The XmlParser from version 4.0.812 is strict when enforcing the schema provided. The change was introduced to speed up parsing performance but as a consequence fixed a bug that allowed the parsing of xml documents that do not conform to the schema.

How does it affect me?

XmlParser components with incorrect schemas will stop working after upgrading to Linx 4.0.812 or later.

What should I do?

If you upgrade Linx solutions from versions prior to 4.0.812 and you use the XmlParser component, make sure your schemas are correct. Test the XmlParser with a sample xml document. If it fails to parse fix the schema. You can also build the schema from the sample xml by using the Schema Editor and following these steps:
  1. Menu: File - Build from xml...
  2. Select the sample xml file
  3. Menu: Process - Compile Schema
  4. Accept
  5. Select the root element

Thanks to Dina for spotting this.

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