Aug 12, 2015

Linx released

This release has mostly been about bug fixes and the new Linx web site. We've also added the ability to use Settings in Linx Service Properties. This allows you to change a TimerService property without having to upload a new Linx Solution. Other Linx Services have also been updated to use this new capability.


  • Fix bug: LinxServer: Process output failed to show.
  • Fix bug: Embedded custom type compiler error.
  • Show Plugin Manager with Updates selected.
  • Add ReferencesChanged method for applicable components.
  • Limit objects available in property dropdown to cater for functions like BeginTransaction and the functions that hooks onto its output.
  • Update plugin.
  • LinxServer: Do not recompile when Settings change.
  • Service properties can reference Settings.
  • Fix bug: Type-literal compile error.
  • Fix bug: Match service by Id rather than Name.
  • LinxServer: SolutionHost recompiles after plugin updates.
  • Fix bug: Check for null WPF listview item.
  • Fix bug: Move IsExpanded property to base to prevent binding errors on treeview.
  • LinxServer: Delete next version folder if it fails to create. Do not fail on non-existent settings file.
  • LinxServer: Handle null activeServices array.
  • Fix bug: DummyDomainItem shown in properties when nothing selected.
  • Only add resolve paths for valid components.
  • Fix bug: Object reference error on Expression Editor intellisense for invalid properties.
  • Fix colour in Expression Editor.
  • Fix bug: Recursive RunProcess crashes when debugging.
  • Fix bug: Octal conversion error in debug statistics.
  • Fix bug: Change Guid.ToString format to fix object reference error.
  • Fix bug: Double slashes in help links.
  • Show validation error when CustomType deleted.
  • Update help and release notes links to point to new site.

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