Aug 20, 2014

Linx 4.0.798.3788 released


  • Add SHA256 hashing to Encryption component
  • Add web service security to WebServiceData component
  • Update ReportingServices component to support latest version of Reporting Services
  • Fix bug: DateTime parameter conversion fails when calling REST service 
  • Fix bug: CPU statistics not displaying usage per processor
  • Fix bug: Linx services not starting on service host restart

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

We now support more Reporting Service types
and Output types

Be aware that the output types are not necessarily available on your Reporting Server. Output type availability differs by Server version e.g. 2008, 2012 and Server type i.e. Express, Standard.

Aug 12, 2014

Linx 4.0.767.3718 released


Version 4.0.767

  • Increase server host process alive timeout check to 60 seconds
  • Fix bug: DirectoryWatch service may miss events
  • Fix bug: CallRESTWebService with Xml output can't populate table with one row
  • Fix bug: Stored Procedure with blank column name fails during execute

Version 4.0.763

  • LinxServer: Show ProcessId, CPU and RAM usage
  • LinxServer: Fix admin pages for IE8
  • LinxServer: Log and Solutions default directory moved
  • LinxServer: Log and Solutions directory can be set via config
  • LinxServer: Kerberos/Windows authentication option added
  • Fix bug: Database read component throws error with "Get all data to client first" on Oracle

Version 4.0.757

  • Fix bug: Treeview scrollbar not showing on server administration site
  • Fix bug: XmlParser treats list of items as single item

Log and solutions default directory

LinxServer stores its logs and solutions in a directory on the server. This directory is now configurable as explained by Julian in the previous post. Do not configure this directory to point to a network drive. Bad things will happen.

Aug 5, 2014

Specifying a custom data location on Linx server

One of the new features that was introduced in the latest release of Linx 4 (4.0.763.3705), is the ability for the user to specify the data directory that is used by the server to store solution and log files.  In previous versions, these files were stored in subdirectories of the specified installation path (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Twenty57 Linx 4\bin\Solutions and  C:\Program Files (x86)\Twenty57 Linx 4\bin\Log).

Please note that the following rules apply during installation:
  • If you upgrade an existing Linx installation (with valid solutions) to the latest version, your solutions and logs will remain in their current location.
  • For new installations, solutions and logs will be saved in the ProgramData folder (%programdata%\Twenty57\Linx 4).
You can override the default data location by making use of the "ServerDataPath" configuration setting.  Add the setting (with a valid path) to your service configuration file (Twenty57.Linx.Server.Service.exe.config).
For example:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <add key="ServerDataPath" value="D:\PutStuffHere" />

If you've performed an upgrade to an existing Linx installation and want to make use of a different data directory, you can move your current "Solutions" and "Log" directories to one of the locations outlined above (either the default ProgramData location, or the custom ServerDataPath location).  Please ensure that the Linx service is not running while performing this operation.