Mar 27, 2015

Linx 4.0.877.4069 released


  • FTPFileRename - Add CreateDirectory property
  • FTPFileUpload - Add CreateDirectory property
  • Validator - Add IgnoreLinesPattern property
  • Change saving of solutions to be unaffected by regional settings
  • Create log entry if SingleInstance process in service times out on the server
  • Fix bug: CPU utilization statistics for host processes reported incorrectly
  • Fix bug: Solution statistics calculated incorrectly under heavy load
  • Fix bug: Extract string component with start position and end length can go into endless loop
  • Fix bug: Cache compiled web proxy to prevent rising memory usage on CallWebService component
  • Fix bug: Object reference error when creating documentation with null object value
  • Fix bug: Layout file in use error when multiple solutions are started on server

Needle In The Haystack Award

The Needle In The Haystack Award goes to Byron for correctly calling out the CallWebService component as a memory thief and supplying enough information to reproduce the problem. Well done Sir.