Oct 21, 2015

Linx 4.0.928 released

Release notes

  • Add socket timeout to FTP client
  • Fix PDFConcat changes readonly fields to editable
  • Fix add content length to REST webservice call using POST
  • Fix FTP access denied error when changing to root directory on login
  • Add PDFProtect component
  • Fix corruption of runtime info on LinxServer by changing to json format
  • Update to latest Validation tool
  • Make stored procedure name editable
  • Fix LinxServer multiple upload file problem
  • Fix Oracle stored procedure execution
  • Remove "Integrated security" from Oracle connection string editor
  • Add additional proxy settings on web services components
  • Fix bug: If a Linx service (e.g. DirectoryWatch) can't start, it kills the host process
  • Fix bug: Object reference error when trying to restart faulty DirectoryWatch service

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