Oct 21, 2015

Linx 4.0.928 released

Release notes

  • Add socket timeout to FTP client
  • Fix PDFConcat changes readonly fields to editable
  • Fix add content length to REST webservice call using POST
  • Fix FTP access denied error when changing to root directory on login
  • Add PDFProtect component
  • Fix corruption of runtime info on LinxServer by changing to json format
  • Update to latest Validation tool
  • Make stored procedure name editable
  • Fix LinxServer multiple upload file problem
  • Fix Oracle stored procedure execution
  • Remove "Integrated security" from Oracle connection string editor
  • Add additional proxy settings on web services components
  • Fix bug: If a Linx service (e.g. DirectoryWatch) can't start, it kills the host process
  • Fix bug: Object reference error when trying to restart faulty DirectoryWatch service

Oct 20, 2015

Linx released

In this release we've improved our logging, added more tracing info to the debugger, made updates possible from the Linx Server UI, added licensing infrastructure and fixed numerous bugs. 

Seasoned Linx users will find the logging feature interesting. When running the debugger you get the following output by default:

By right-clicking on a function you can enable logging to give you this:

So now you can get detailed information about what the function did during execution. Just remember that enabling this on your query that returns a googolplexian results might make you miss dinner.

Release notes

  • Fix null reference exception.
  • Add ToInt64 extension methods on decimal and double.
  • Debugger shows incorrect values after recursive call.
  • Update Linx plugin.
  • Call UpdateToLastestVersion method when loading function and service data.
  • Add new updating mechanism to functions.
  • Add update functionality for PassAsReference properties.
  • Fixed reference not found error.
  • Remove binding errors on ProcessControl.
  • Do not override setting values from debugger.
  • Use distinct assemblies to speed up compilation.
  • Scroll current debug target into view.
  • Plugin manager should tell us when server not contactable.
  • Updates from Linx Server UI.
  • JsonIgnore non-persisted properties in SolutionRuntimeInfo.
  • Fix JSON/XML expression formatting in collection editor.
  • Add custom type validation on property value.
  • Fix version binding.
  • Allow multiline Input debug values.
  • Fix DummyItem displayed when debugging.
  • Fix type reference change in SetValue.
  • Improve logging infrastructure.
  • Output log.
  • Debug Output: Add Trace information.
  • Fix app.config.
  • Fixed deadlock when Stopping debugger.
  • Fix Paste after copy not taking selected function into account.
  • Linx Server RunProcess window: Fix AppState is not defined error.
  • Fix Property dropdown: Dropdown was empty for property of type IEnumerable<byte>.
  • Debugger: Dispose faster.
  • LinxServer: multi-line parameter input and output when running a process.
  • Return empty server package list if internet connection fails.
  • Store: Better error message when function data update fails during solution load.
  • Fix BindingExpression error "System.Windows.Data Error: 8 : Cannot save value from target back to source.".
  • Add ToBytesFromBase64 as extension method on String.
  • Tell the user when loading a Linx 4 file.
  • Add ToBase64 as extension method on List<byte>.
  • Fix BindingExpression errors "Cannot find source for binding with reference 'ElementName=expressionEditor'" and "BindingExpression path error: 'Children' property not found on 'object'".
  • Fix property reference bug.
  • Fix "ValueIsValid" binding error.
  • Fix SetValue bug - loses value when target is removed.
  • Change display of CustomTypes in property window.
  • Fix list of custom type breaks when custom type is renamed.
  • Change display of CustomTypes in dropdowns.
  • Allow the use of CustomTypes across projects.
  • Debugger: Do not display items that do not have debug values.
  • Debug Values: Show dates in local culture.
  • Double-click on Linx 4 file will launch Linx 4.
  • Designer: Add licence page.
  • Fixed EmptyFunction discarded property value-type info.
  • Designer: Loading a Solution without the required Plugins installed should tell the user.
  • Don't allow saving the solution when plugins are missing.
  • Change upgrade detection in installer.
  • Fix immutable functiondata and servicedata does not add version.
  • Log full exception text in logger.
  • Lazy load recently used functions.