Feb 11, 2016

Linx 5.5.305.8308 released

Release notes

  • Add Linx Service dependency on KeyIso Service to avoid start-up timeout.
  • Add parameter value logging for external project processes.
  • Improve logging of parameters.
  • Add list type validation for ForEach.
  • Add scrollbar to error section on Run UI.
  • Fix intermittent rollback of solutions on Linx Server.
  • Improve property grid tabbing behavior.
  • Improve logging of strings.
  • Fix DoWhile conditions affected by logging.
  • Update code-signing certificate in installer.

Feb 4, 2016

Linx released

This release contains changes to the UI, an Output window, Search, Find References, improved logging and numerous smaller changes.

Output window


Find References

Release notes
  • Fix SetValue exception when setting compiled type.
  • Fix LinxServer comment file exception when upgrading format.
  • Fix read license file and installation file without locking.
  • Fix display applicable icon for launch editor.
  • Fix close file stream when checking for Linx 4 solution.
  • Throw error for invalid conversions in JSON Expression, e.g. "Five" to int.
  • Throw error for invalid conversions in XML Expression, e.g. "Five" to int.
  • Allow exception to bubble up if call in event fails.
  • Fix deployment of solution with special characters (e.g. &) in name.
  • Do not overwrite NLog configuration if loaded from config.
  • Improve Linx Server logging.
  • Add Search.
  • Fix drop-down nullable-typed properties.
  • Add logging for AddToList.
  • Make server usernames case-insensitive.
  • Do not allow empty username or password.
  • Add Find References.
  • Add logging for AddToList.
  • Add logging for ClearList.
  • Add logging for ForEach.
  • Add logging for SetValue.
  • Add logging for ThrowException.
  • Add logging for DoWhile.
  • Add logging for IfElse.
  • Add logging for TryCatch.
  • Add logging for RunProcess.
  • Fix scroll bar color.
  • Fix debug value bug for expanded children with same name.
  • Redraw flow diagram after specified delay.
  • Changed Debug related analytics.
  • Fix right-click below last instance shows incorrect menu.
  • Fix SetValue dropdown after selecting StringBuilder type.
  • Add Output window.
  • Fix dropdown option tree style.
  • Fix resource selector dropdown style.
  • Update plugin to 12.0.0.
  • Update icons for AddToList and ClearList.
  • Change tab order: Process Input and Output Fields editor.
  • Change tab order: CustomType.Value Set Fields editor.
  • Change tab order: CustomType Edit Fields editor.
  • Change CustomType tab order.
  • Throw detailed exception when plugins can't update.
  • Requery update information for plugins after application update.
  • Fix only copy settings file on rollback if it exists.
  • Fix cannot uninstall deprecated plugins.
  • Update welcome screen.
  • Debug window layout saved.
  • Change Designer tabs.
  • Replace window dock menu with float/dock toggle.
  • Fix AddToList not picking up list changes. 
  • Make properties in JSON and XML case-insensitive.
  • Fix SolutionHost failing after Service exception.

Feb 1, 2016

Linx 4.0.987 released

Release notes

  • Add FIX components.
  • Bug: PdfConcat to close all resources used.
  • Bug: Barcode reader not reading Adobe Lifecycle barcodes.
  • WebServiceHelper includes xsds referenced through Import elements during WSDL import.
  • XmlParser support ref= attributes in xsd.
  • Add OMGEO components.
  • Bug: SFTP connection re-use logic compared wrong fields.
  • Change REST output from Value to Values.
  • Updated Validation dll. Added DateTime2 validator to support .Net datetime formats.
  • Add duplicate field validation to SplitString.
  • WebServiceData closes web stream for schema before recursively loading other referenced schemas.
  • Only open windows on screens that are attached.
  • WebServiceData add MessagePartsToSign property.
  • WebService components import XmlSchemaIncludes in addition to XmlSchemaImports.
  • WebServiceCall refine MTOM functionality.
  • Run button on SqlEditor now use commandtimeout.