Feb 25, 2015

Linx 5.0.680.6896 released

Today marks the release of another Linx 5 Beta (5.0.680.6896).  If you have an existing Linx 5 installation, your designer will prompt you to upgrade to the new version.  If you don't have Linx 5 installed yet, you can download the latest version from the Linx website.

It has been a while since our previous public beta.  A lot of work has gone into making the back-end more robust and we hope that you will notice the difference.  We will continue to make improvements and add new features using the feedback that we receive.

On the component side, we have improved on existing functions and services, as well as create a lot of new items (e.g. Zip, ExecuteStoredProcedure, etc.).  Head on over to the Linx help site to read more about all of these new (and existing) items, check out our video tutorials, or install the necessary packages in Linx and try them out for yourself.

In upcoming releases, you will (among other things) start to see some of the styling work that we are busy with, so please be sure to update when there are new versions available.

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