May 19, 2015

Various Linx 5 plugins released

All Linx plugins have been updated to be compatible with Linx 5.3. The following plugins have additional changes.


  • ExecuteStoredProcedure: Detect connection type when changing connection string.
  • UI changes
  • ExecuteStoredProcedure: Fixed crash when setting connection string to a variable.


  • ExcelRead: Fixed Range editor throwing exception
  • UI changes


  • UI Changes
  • Add FileOpen function. This function allows you to keep a file open and write to it with one or more functions. It improves performance when dealing with lots of writes to a single file.


  • FTPList: Add recursive property
  • FTPUpload: Add CreateDirectory property


  • Update property grid external assembly
  • UI changes
  • Logical ordering of transform operation properties.
  • Fixed MotionBlur and CDL Transforms


  • Update RegularExpression Editor
  • UI Changes


  • UI Changes
  • Updated DynamicSoap.dll (Support non-bodywrapped message contract methods)
  • CallSOAPWebService method editor: Automatically add missing '?wsdl' for .asmx and .svc 
  • CallSOAPWebService: Fixed error when selecting method

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