May 19, 2015

Linx released

This release includes bug fixes and tweaks to the UI. The service start-up behavior has also been improved. If a Linx Service fails to start it will periodically try again e.g. a service that depends on network connectivity might fail to start if the network is down. By retrying periodically it will start once the network is up.

The following release notes only relates to Linx Designer and Linx Server and do not include new or changed plugins. In Linx 5 the plugins are updated separately from Linx. We will release separate notifications for new plugin versions.

Release notes

  • UI changes
  • Update Linx plugin
  • Force a restart after doing package updates in the designer
  • Change designer and server to be culture invariant
  • Display function names in compilation errors
  • Change service start-up behaviour to better handle solutions with broken services
  • Fix bug: Double-click on lsoz file does not open file in designer
  • Fix bug: Compiling process that is not open in designer gives object reference error
  • Fix bug: Property grid does not display items in alphabetical order when that option is selected
  • Fix bug: Character expression '"' was interpreted as the start of a string in expression editor
  • Fix bug: Instance of custom type editor throws exception when not all properties are filled in
  • Fix bug: Collapsed docked windows do not open on hover
  • Fix bug: Server statistics incorrectly calculated when multiple threads are running
  • Fix bug: Custom type property not parsed correctly when used in expression
  • Fix bug: Validation index error for custom validations
  • Fix bug: Copy paste of child items with references gives error
  • Fix bug: Project paste not working
  • Fix bug: ForEach output does not change when List type changes
  • Various other enhancements and bug fixes

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