May 15, 2011

Visit to Johannesburg

Annu and I visited Johannesburg on Wed and Thu to see some of the Digiata users of Linx and Stadium. We received some great feedback. Here are the main trends for Linx from our visit and the poll we did earlier:

  • Easy to use
  • Can do anything
  • Sizing if UI windows
  • Building WO Model again and again and agai...
  • Debugging limitations especially when calling one process from another
  • Help for components
  • Debug through called processes
  • Higher level view of process interactions
  • Bulk upload component for quickly getting large volumes of data into databases
I have incorporated these and all the other issues we discussed into our roadmap and/or HotHouse. Some issues that were mentioned have already been fixed in newer versions of Linx e.g. the stability of the Linx Client.

Thanks to everybody that participated. If I missed any important points and you cannot find it on the roadmap or in HotHouse, please log it in HotHouse.


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  2. Nice to see lots of activity on Linx. My favourite tool to test Fairway web services and other integration points, so there
    will lots of feedback from me.