Apr 13, 2017

Linx 5.10.637.9045 released

This release includes lots of smaller enhancements and fixes. Updates to the following plugins were also released: AWS, Database, File, GraphicsMagick, Json, Utilities and Web.

Release notes

  • Remove person icon on LinxServer.
  • Improve accuracy of analytics logging.
  • Update to .NET Core 1.1.
  • Update NuGet packages.
  • Create CustomTypes from JSON Schema.
  • Fix generated dll name clashes with installed dll.
  • Show content structure of List in Output window.
  • Fix LinxServer service start error message overlays service name.
  • Fix postback error for large error messages.
  • Speed up metrics retrieval.
  • Set max metrics database size.
  • Fix loss of metrics in queue when host is closed.
  • Fix instance of List does not refresh when underlying CustomType is changed.
  • Encrypt passwords in LinxDesigner.config.
  • Show LinxServer logs in descending order.
  • Fix wrapping of long Setting values in LinxServer.
  • Allow loading of multiple versions of strong-named dll.
  • Update Linx icons.
  • Allow assignment to IEnumerable<> properties.
  • Fix double click required to add Service from toolbar.
  • Remove "Are you sure" popups in Linx Designer.
  • Fix IfElse editor does not recognize True or False values.
  • Improve Intellisense stability.
  • Fix proxy error when clicking 'Start using Linx'.
  • Display underlying type icon for Nullable<> types.
  • Fix installing plugin fails when moving to another window.

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