Sep 9, 2016

Linx 5.7.481.8722 released

All new Linx Server

This release includes a brand new Linx Server. We now make extensive use of metrics to show you what is happening on the server. Here are some screen shots.




Expression Editor

The Expression Editor does automatic type conversions for incompatible types. It also allows the use of Linq queries like List.Count() or List.Where(x=>x.Name=="john").

Database plugin

The Database plugin has improved MongoDb support and we've added a MongoDbMapReduce function.

Excel plugin

The Excel plugin now supports reading ranges from multiple sheets in a spreadsheet, all without needing to have Excel installed.

Web plugin

The Web plugin has improved support for wsdl formats and several bugs were fixed.

Xml plugin

The Xml plugin now supports schemas with names containing illegal characters. We also allow mapping between the names in the schema and the name you want to see in Linx.

Release notes

  • Fix GetTypeReference bug on DesignerContext for complex expressions.
  • Update plugin.
  • Allow CSharpExpressions on custom types and lists.
  • Check expression result type to determine conversion logic in compiler.
  • Fix implicit operator bug.
  • Allow xml values in UI.
  • Only allow JSON or XML string values for complex types.
  • Fix WCF error handling between host and service.
  • Fix Settings index error.
  • Display Cut/Copy options on Folder item.
  • Determine expressions return type, automatic type conversion.
  • Fix compiler error when double-clicking on a lsoz file. The working directory was not correct.
  • Add List functions to ExpressionEditor.
  • Fix reference scope bug when moving function in same process.
  • Update LinxServer with new UI and metrics.
  • Allow for simple values in list parameter.
  • Compile in temp dir.
  • Show empty list in debug values.
  • Fix plugin loading bug for mismatched third-party libraries (e.g. Json.Net).
  • Only use compatible NuGet dependencies when querying NuGet package information.
  • Fix signed service not starting.
  • Update UnknownType icon.
  • Updated Installer Grey Button styles (for installer, close and uninstall).
  • Changed the button styles of disabled primary buttons in Linx Designer to be greyed out (no background).
  • Upgrade plugins to enable namespaces changes.

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