Apr 29, 2016

Linx 5.6.352.8421 released

Release notes

  • Update NuGet packages.
  • Designer style changes.
  • Change tab order of Save and Cancel.
  • Fix compiler error for embedded try-catch.
  • Remove input parameter results in compile exception.
  • Remove "Prefer 32-bit" flag from project.
  • Change PropertyGrid tab order.
  • Windows menu is incorrect after floating window.
  • Install MSMQ with LinxServer.
  • Change name selection when adding a Function.
  • Complete border around property windows.
  • Change border of editor windows to those used by property windows.
  • Remove shadow around window.
  • Fix setting convertion error in designer context.
  • Change ServiceEvent so that it never throws exceptions.
  • Increase CheckForUpdates timeout.
  • Exception on Run window has incorrect layout.
  • Inline solution name edit do not follow file naming conventions.
  • Update plugin.
  • Debug of DirectoryWatch.CreatedEvent throws exception.
  • Change color of debug toolbar.
  • Ctrl-F to focus on Search box.
  • Object reference error when deleting single setting that is referenced.
  • Add Delete and Find References context menu on Settings.
  • Property window blank when click in empty Process.

Plugins with major updates


  • Add variable panel to SQLEditor.
  • Fix ExecuteSql. Duplicate variable in ODBC sql causes error.
  • Change tab order of Save and Cancel.
  • Remove JsonReader IsList property and add List to OutputType.
  • Fix object reference error when opening days editor with expression value.
  • Fix TimerService. Service stops when next interval is missed.
  • Log exact CommandLine command.
  • Change tab order of Save and Cancel.
  • Fix CallSOAPWebService to unwrap TargetInvocationException.
  • Fix SOAPService and RESTService to relay process exceptions.
  • Fix SOAPService. Calling method with "password" parameter does not show input parameter.
  • Enable https calls for old web services.

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