Sep 1, 2015

Linx 4 vs Linx 5: Part 6 - Plugins

Linx 4 is distributed with a single installer that contains the Designer, Server and all Components. With Linx 5 the Designer and Server is distributed with a single installer and adds the concept of a Plugin that is distributed separately. Linx 5 introduces the following changes

  • Components are now called Functions.
  • Plugins are managed with a Plugin Manager.
  • Plugins contain Functions and Services.

While this mechanism is much more complex than the single installer model it has the following advantages

  • Plugins can be added, updated or removed without affecting the core Linx 5 applications.
  • Third parties can contribute Plugins without affecting the Linx 5 codebase.
  • Users can selectively install functionality.
  • We can have different licencing models for Linx 5 and Plugins.

This is what it looks like

and here is the Plugin Manager

Linx checks on startup for new versions of Plugins and shows a notification if any are found. Clicking on Install or Update in the Plugin Manager will download and install the selected Plugin.

You can see the list of available Plugins here. Please submit any questions or suggestions to our Linx Community at

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