Jul 22, 2015

Linx 4.0.902.4134 released


  • Add compression to PDFExtractImages
  • Add range and cell validation on ExcelRead
  • Update validation dll
  • Display invalid user error when calling Linx service with invalid credentials
  • Installer now does not change Service Account in upgrade mode
  • Improve the validation experience for massive solutions
  • Change ExceptionHandler validation warning to error
  • Allow case-insensitive upload of solution files
  • Add SFTPList component
  • Add SFTPUpload component
  • Add SFTPDownload component
  • Db components now supports stored procedures from Oracle
  • DatabaseRead now does not clear output when SqlEditor fails to run query
  • Fix bug: FileWrite with append and CloseAfterEveryWrite set to false gives closed error when writing to multiple files
  • Fix bug: DbRead keeps datareader open when code crashes in execution path

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