Feb 6, 2015

Linx 4.0.858.3983 released


  • ReadMailMapi now returns empty string instead of null for emails with no body
  • LinxServer Service icons changed
  • LinxDesigner scaling of fonts for different screen sizes improved
  • CallSoapWebService now supports a union structure for a message request
  • CallSoapWebService improved handling of dates and times
  • Validator add AllowExtraFields property
  • Validator add LogEveryLine property
  • DecodeFormzBarcode can now distinguish between Signature and other barcodes
  • Add Ctrl-A shortcut to Text Editor
  • LinxServer fallback to file upload dialog for IE11 when using NTLM authentication.
  • Fix bug: CallSoapWebService not showing list/array in correct format
  • Fix bug: CallSoapWebService incorrect or missing use of XmlElementAttributes
  • Fix bug: CallSoapWebService empty xml request string
  • Fix bug: Validation of disabled Service Events
  • Fix bug: Validator not correctly validating a DateTime
  • Fix bug: Validator using previous row values
  • Fix bug: DateTimeFormat using incorrect CultureInfo
  • Fix bug: Validator shows error when no delimiter specified for fixed length format
  • Fix bug: RabbitMQService properties could not be set to Constants
  • Fix bug: RabbitMQService crashes when the Rabbit Server is down


We've made some major changes to the Validator and there are still more on the way. Please let me know if you are using it. I would like to include your usage scenario in our tests so we don't inadvertently break something... 

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