Sep 19, 2014

Linx 4.0.811.3839 released


  • Allow upload of multiple solutions to server on modern browsers
  • Add "Statement narrative" field to NedbankCPS components
  • Change HTTPXComponent to work on untrusted https url
  • Increase the displayed number of recent solutions from 5 to 20
  • Return SQL string in exception when DatabaseRead/DatabaseWrite components fail
  • Return parameter names and values in exception when StoredProcedure components fail
  • Fix bug: SendMailSmtp to address does not allow semicolon separator or separator at end
  • Fix bug: ImageSplit output files are corrupt for certain images
  • Fix bug: Compilation of recursive process call fails
  • Fix bug: Moving process to folder breaks process event references
  • Fix bug: Upload of empty configuration file causes endless loading message on server

Upload multiple solutions to LinxServer

With newer browsers (IE10 or better) you can add or update multiple solutions to LinxServer with a single upload. Drag any number of solution and config files onto the upload area. Solutions and config files are matched according to name. If they exist on the server they are treated as an update else they are added.

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