Aug 12, 2014

Linx 4.0.767.3718 released


Version 4.0.767

  • Increase server host process alive timeout check to 60 seconds
  • Fix bug: DirectoryWatch service may miss events
  • Fix bug: CallRESTWebService with Xml output can't populate table with one row
  • Fix bug: Stored Procedure with blank column name fails during execute

Version 4.0.763

  • LinxServer: Show ProcessId, CPU and RAM usage
  • LinxServer: Fix admin pages for IE8
  • LinxServer: Log and Solutions default directory moved
  • LinxServer: Log and Solutions directory can be set via config
  • LinxServer: Kerberos/Windows authentication option added
  • Fix bug: Database read component throws error with "Get all data to client first" on Oracle

Version 4.0.757

  • Fix bug: Treeview scrollbar not showing on server administration site
  • Fix bug: XmlParser treats list of items as single item

Log and solutions default directory

LinxServer stores its logs and solutions in a directory on the server. This directory is now configurable as explained by Julian in the previous post. Do not configure this directory to point to a network drive. Bad things will happen.

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