Nov 27, 2013

Linx 5.0.392.5076 released

The third Beta release is out. Linx 5 will automatically prompt you to update after opening the Linx Designer. If you don't have it you can get it from


This release includes bug fixes, improvements to existing components and the following changes.


Settings are now solution wide. Any project in a solution can access the same settings. Settings can be changed on the Linx Server to override the default settings in the solution.


The default Processes and Services sections have been removed from the Solution Explorer. Folders can now contain any mixture of Processes, Services, User Defined Types or other Folders. Use Folders to organize your solution the way you want to.

Linx Server

  • Styling.
  • All processes can now be run from the Linx Server UI.
  • Settings editor.
  • Lots of small improvements.

New components

  • XmlPeek - Extract a snippet of xml using XPath.
  • XmlPoke - Write a snippet of xml to an existing file or xml text.


We have included analytics in Linx Designer. This means Linx Designer will send us information on how Linx is used. Users have the option to switch it off but the information is completely anonymous and does not contain any user or solution related data. The information gathered will help us build a better Linx.


We now use Linx to queue and forward the email from our product sites. This allows feedback from website users to always succeed even if email servers or related infrastructure are down.

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