Sep 18, 2013

Linx 5 Beta Released

Download the beta from Thanks to Julian, Victor, Murray, Petra and Franz for their perspiration and inspiration.

This version is not compatible with Linx 4 and it includes a reduced set of components. It can be run side by side with Linx 4 but remember to specify a different server port when running the install on a machine with Linx 4 installed.

Some of the bigger changes are

Auto update
Linx checks for updates at start-up. If an update is found it offers to install it.

Deploy to server
Solutions can be uploaded to servers from the Designer.

A process can be run without having to go through the debugger. It launches the Linx process in a different Windows process and runs it.

Types and Custom Types can be used to keep state in a Linx process. The Variable component has therefore been deprecated.

C# expressions can be used in most places where values are assigned e.g. properties.

SQLEditor has syntax highlighting.

TextFileReader includes parsing of CSV and fixed length files.

Constants are now shown in a tab and are not part of the solution tree.

Help is available online and can be reached by clicking on the ? next to a component.

Input and Output
DataIn and DataOut are replaced with Input and Output properties on the Process.

Service Events
Service events are now full blown Linx processes.

Razor Templates
There is a new component called RazorTemplateTransform that can use data in Linx to populate a Razor template. Razor templates are used in ASP.NET MVC to generate html pages. It makes generating text easier.

RunProcess Component
A Linx process can now be dragged directly from the solution tree to the Process tab. The RunProcess component has therefore been deprecated.

Solution Name
The solution name is now the same as the file name. If you change one the other one also changes.

TimerService UI
The TimerService has a simplified UI.

Debug values
Input and Output values are now available in the debugger.

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