Jun 21, 2011

Linx version 2.4.762.1232

Please note that Linx version 2.4.762.1232 is ready for download. Please see the release notes for a complete list of changes. Some of the new features / changes include:
  • Support for .NET 4. If you want to install this version, please ensure that you have .NET Framework 4 installed as well.
  • Add an export link to the Log tab on the server. Using this link, it is now possible to save all the the log entries on the server to a .csv file.
  • Display the web service URL for a process on the server. If you right-click on a process on the server, there is a "Display process URL" option that will display the web service address for the process. It will also prepopulate a list of all the required parameters necessary to execute the process.
Since there were numerous changes to the Linx installation to improve the future maintainability, as well as to fix some bugs, it is recommended that you do a clean installation (not an upgrade). If you want to perform an upgrade or manual installation, please contact me for more information.

The next piece of work will revolve around the architecture of Linx processes - see the roadmap for more details.

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